Building the best standards in art investment

in a framework regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)

An activity framed by European regulation and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF)

We work daily to institutionalizeinvestment in art. Through our PSFP (Participative Financial Service Provider) license granted by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), we seek to provide the highest standards possible to offer flexibility, transparency, and quality to investments and their monitoring.

This approval, governed by Regulation (EU)2020/1503, commits us to several elements, including conflict of interest management rules, club deal selection rules through an investment committee, information transparency, a secure investment and payment infrastructure, and a concern for the knowledge and experience of our clients in order to provide a suitable service.


A rigorous approval process: a guarantee of quality and safety

To obtain this approval, Matis underwent a rigorous six-step approval process, including presenting the project to the AMF, submitting an approval application file, a detailed review of the request, and finally, obtaining approval after a thorough evaluation by the AMF. This process aims to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of quality and safety for our clients.


Secure and regulated payment infrastructure

Matis is also registered in the REGAFI (Register of Financial Agents) under the number 731779 as an agent of a payment service provider to allow our clients a smooth and secure investment process. The payment establishment we have chosen to work with (Lemonway) is authorized by the ACPR (Authority for Prudential Control and Resolution), under number 16568.

In practice, this allows each investor, whether an individual or a legal entity, to have a dedicated (ring-fenced) and secure payment account for investing in the proposed club deals. This payment account can be funded in anticipation of future club deals, and it is also on this account that reimbursements are made at the time of reselling the artworks.


Institutional solutions: broadening the horizon of art investment

Matis offers a range of solutions tailored to various actors in the private management ecosystem, including private banks, wealth managers, family offices, and investment platforms. Possible integrations via API can extend contemporary art investment solutions to neo-banks and fintechs, thereby offering a new dimension of investment to our clients.


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